Joanna Refvem, LPC


Joanna Refvem has been a licensed school counselor since 1999 and a licensed professional counselor since 2001. She spent ten years as a middle and high school counselor and had her own private practice for four years. During those years Joanna was able to foster a sense of hope in students, parents, and clients that crossed her path. Navigating the high school years can be tough, and having an advocate makes a difference. Joanna has a passion for mentoring other women, and believes wholeheartedly in the command of Titus 2:4-5 that older women have a  responsibility to lead and guide younger women.   

Joanna was born in England and immigrated to America with her family in the mid-1950’s. She carried a green card until she was 32, then became a ‘naturalized citizen’ and now carries two passports. Dual citizenship is integral to who Joanna has become over the years, with a mixture of both cultures evident in her life to those who know her well. She cares passionately about the treatment of immigrants, and knows firsthand the complicated process of becoming a citizen.

In 2018 Joanna and her husband (Bill) celebrated forty years of marriage; they enjoy spending time with their five children, three sons-in law, and two grandchildren.