Why iHope is needed

We at iHope seek to intentionally partner with churches and ministries to meet three areas of need in our community: our pastors’ need for trusted resources, availability of Christian counseling, and keeping costs affordable.

  • A pastoral resource: Pastors often recognize that some people need care and counseling beyond what they or their church can offer. A nonprofit committed to care and counsel rooted in biblical principles is a helpful resource for many local churches.
  • Christian counseling: Many people desire specifically Christian counseling that will help make the connection between their faith and the issues of life.  Strengthening individual faith and life lived in community is a unique offering of Christian counseling.
  • Affordable costs: Locally, counseling sessions cost an average of $120 per session. Many people cannot afford this, but do not have access to health insurance that will help to cover the cost, or they quickly reach the limit of what insurance can offer. Counseling at iHope ranges from only $40-$60 per session. That’s half the cost.

How you can help: