The vision of iHope is to intentionally partner with and support our local churches, pastors, and ministries. Line item giving from your church covers our recurring costs like supplies, insurance, and accounting, so that we can keep client fees low.

Will you partner with us?

We hope to be a resource to you, supporting and extending your pastoral care for the church and our community. As a distinctly Christian counseling center, you can trust that biblical principles underlie all of our care and counsel. We are rooted in God, living in community where we are strengthened in partnership and helping people be fruitful in life.

All donations are welcome, and support the mission of iHope in our community. We also hope that you will partner with us in prayer and by making referrals, when someone in your church family is struggling and needs counseling.

Three levels of Church Partnership have been developed that include a “thank you” back of counseling credits for your church or ministry to use as you wish.  

Level 1    $800 – $1,999 per year (5 credits)
Level 2   $2,000 – $3,499 per year (9 credits)
Level 3   $3,500 – $5,000 per year (12 credits) 

We pray you will partner with us in this mission. Financial donations make up 50% of our annual budget, and allow us to keep client fees affordable and flexible. Every donation, below or above the levels outlined below, is very welcome and provides great support.

Churches are not required to commit to a church partnership with iHope to utilize our services.