Service Opportunities

iHope believes that we are Strengthened in Partnership. While iHope prays for our our community, offers services and events to meet unique community needs, and cares for our local churches, we hope that you will partner with us.


Volunteers are needed in three particular areas: (1) covering the front desk area during counseling sessions, (2) helping with administrative and building maintenance needs on an as-needed basis, and (3) spreading the word about iHope services, events, and partnerships. We invite you to fill out this form and send it in today to learn more: SERVE AS A VOLUNTEER


We want to pray intentionally and consistently, and to praise God for what He is doing here in Florence! Will you pray with us? Some specific areas that iHope is praying for are listed below, but certainly prayer for every aspect of our community and church life is needed and welcomed.

  • Strong families and marriages. Pray for committed marriages that are centered in Christ, guided with healthy communication and support, and able to withstand conflict and struggles. Pray for the relationships between parents and children, for safety and wholeness in the family as parents strive to protect, lead, guide, love, and raise up children into young adults. Pray for God’s blessing over our families.
  • Churches, pastors, and ministry leaders. It is a great calling, and a difficult one, to lead God’s people. Pray for your pastors and their families. Pray for the churches you pass on your daily commute. Pray for their faith, understanding of and commitment to God’s truth, and for their compassion and love with others.
  • Our schools, hospitals, businesses, and community life. There is a lot going on day-to-day around Florence and the towns around us. Pray for those who are working and those who struggle to find work. Pray for the sick, those who are trying to help and heal, and for those who are homeless or incarcerated. Pray for healthy economic development, ethical business practices, a community spirit of helping and supporting each other, and that those of us following Jesus will represent him well each day.
  • The mission of iHope. We pray to be a blessing and a light in our community.  Pray that God will provide the resources necessary for us to continue in this ministry and to grow where He leads. We are specifically praying that He will provide 300 monthly donors, 10 church partners, and continued referrals and volunteers during 2018. Pray for our counselors, staff, interns, volunteers, and clients.

financial donations

iHope relies on financial donations to keep this ministry going. Every donation allows us to keep client fees low and affordable. Your gift may be a monthly commitment, a one-time support to this ministry, or even a church or group partnership. Learn more about our donation options here (or jump straight to the online donation page via the button at the bottom of this page). Every donation is secure and can be tax deductible.


Did you know that you can make a referral to iHope? You may want to copy the website address and email it to a friend ( Or “share” our posts as. you follow us on Facebook. But you are also welcome to call iHope to ask questions, pop in to get a tour of the building, or invite us to speak with a friend, your church, or a group that is interested in more information. Contact us any time.