Free Video Resources

Below, you will find some video resources that address common presenting concerns in counseling. These resources are created by iHope counselors, but should not be considered personal therapeutic advice. The content is general and provides one biblical look at complex problems. (If you would like to pursue counseling or coaching at iHope, click here for more.)

We welcome you to use this videos for yourself personally, with your church small group, with your church staff, etc. If you wish to use them as part of a larger training, please just let us know so that we can be aware of how the material is being used (you can email

Finally, if you find these videos helpful, please consider giving a financial donation to support the iHope ministry. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and use general donations to keep clients’ counseling fees at 50% below the local average cost. We can’t do that without your support! Thank you.

Help For Anxiety, from Philippians 4