iHope's Counseling Collective

Part of our mission at iHope is to equip and support pastors and other ministry leaders in the work of shepherding the Church. We know that most seminaries do not focus heavily on counseling-related tasks of the ministry. Yet this is an important role!

Each month, our e-newsletter includes iHope’s Counseling Collective: Resources for Pastors and Ministry Leaders. We’ll provide a few easy-guide handouts, short video clips, scriptures and prayer prompts that build your skills and knowledge base in an important topic area.

If you miss iHope’s Counseling Collective one month, past resources will be collected here so that you can access them at any time. And if you’re interested in an iHope counselor speaking at your church or with your staff about a topic below, just email counseling@ihopeflorence.com.

If you find iHope’s Counseling Collective digital resources helpful, please consider giving a tax-deductible financial donation to support the iHope counseling ministry. You can donate here.

January 2020: Conflict Resolution

February 2020: Helping Marriages

March 2020: Ministering in a Community Crisis

April 2020: Ministry and Compassion Fatigue, with Coronavirus Resources

May 2020: Help with Addictions

June 2020: Helping Someone Set Boundaries

July 2020: Being Close with God

August 2020: Helping a Marriage Heal from Infidelity

September 2020: Helping Prevent Suicides

October 2020: Understanding Religious OCD (Scrupulosity)

November 2020: Thinking Thankfully

December 2020: Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

January 2021: Helping People During Their Disagreement or Conflict

February 2021: Helping People Heal from Church Hurt

March 2021: Forgiveness and “Bitter Busters”

April 2021: Waiting on the Lord

May 2021: Physiological Self-Assessment Tools

July 2021: Building a Daily Journaling Habit

August 2021: The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude & Generosity

September 2021: 5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety

October 2021: Cognitive Behavioral Help for Ministry Leaders

November 2021: Encouragement & Tips for Contentment