Why do we work?

Work is not meant to be a bad thing in our lives. It is not the punishment for Adam and Eve’s sin in the garden. In fact, work is a God-given, good thing for men and women. The first three chapters of Genesis show a lot of work. God created for six days, and then … Continue reading Why do we work?

We are open!

We are so thankful for those who have donated finances, time, labor, and resources to allow us to renovate our facility and open our doors on time. God is good to us! Two of our counselors have current openings for care and counseling sessions. Several churches have already partnered with us, and it has been … Continue reading We are open!

Can you relax on vacation?

Our imaginations paint summertime as a period of rest… sunshine, sweet tea, and sleeping in. But when was the last time you really felt that relaxed? Even our children now tend to fill the summer with camps, activities, and day trips. Our "vacations" quickly get filled with budgets, competing desires, tight schedules, cramped cars, and … Continue reading Can you relax on vacation?

Managing sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry has occurred since the first generations. Abel and Cain. Jacob and Esau. It is difficult to live in very close proximity to other people, and for young children it is natural to struggle on the path to learning life skills such as sharing, empathy, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Conflict between siblings is … Continue reading Managing sibling rivalry