Teaching & Training Events

Life is an ongoing process of learning and growing. The iHope team not only offers Care & Counseling Sessions, but is also available to lead teaching and training events at your church or ministry.

These events may be specialized to your church, staff, or ministry, or you may have a specific topic that you would like to work with iHope to offer to the larger community. We are happy to work with you with both types of events. Teaching and training events may look like a one-time workshop, a repeating seminar, or a special retreat.

At different points during the year, iHope holds our own special events, open to the community, like our Mini-Marriage Conference. We also partner with Something New Ministries, run by Dr. Denny Bates, which offers events focused on leadership and pastoral effectiveness.

Available Topics

Our counselors are trained in a variety of topics, and we can prepare an event that meets the needs of your unique group. Some common topics include:

  • Parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Life/Stress management
  • Marriage
  • Staff/Ministry Burnout

Teaching and training events are intended to help your group develop or deepen life skills that help our relationships with God, neighbors, families, and workplaces. The iHope team prefers for events to be interactive, engaging participants not only with the content but in dialogue with each other. Skills are practiced, not simply discussed.

Event Structure

Teaching and training events are particularly beneficial for a church staff, ministry group, team, or other smaller, like-minded group.

Events can be designed in any length, ranging from a 1-hour class to a multi-day seminar. Typically, groups find that events between 2-4 hours are the most productive. This amount of time gives enough space to cover meaningful content with time for practice, discussion, and questions.

Location is an important element to consider. The iHope team is happy to come to your venue for an event, and we are also available to host smaller events at the iHope building in our lobby area. This can be a great option for small groups that want a comfortable, intimate setting that is out of the usual routine.

Prices are based on the format of your event, and can be discussed on an individual basis.

Interested to learn more and possibly plan an event? Email Jessica to get started.

Partnership with Something New Ministries

Starting in 2021, iHope is partnering with Something New Ministries to expand the reach of biblical teaching in our community. These special events focus on discipleship and are run by Dr. Denny Bates, the founder of Something New Ministries. In fact, you can make a tax-deductible donation specifically to this ministry through the iHope donation page.

You can learn more about Dr. Denny Bates and his disciple-making ministry by visiting him at www.dennybates.com.