Church & Ministry Support

iHope is uniquely prepared to support our local pastors and ministry leaders. We are distinctly Christian, confidential, and offer some special services for those in church or ministry contexts. 

Counseling Discounts

At iHope, you’ll find a confidential, safe, Christ-centered space to receive care and counsel. An additional 10% discount is available to full-time pastors. Please speak with th front desk Office Manager about this discount.

Why do we offer a ministry discount? The vision of iHope is specifically focused on extending the care of the local church. It can be particularly difficult for those living and working full-time in ministry to find care for themselves. We not only want to care for those in the church, but also for those leading the church.

The iHope Counseling Collective

Each month, we send out a digital resource guide called iHope’s Counseling Collective: Resources for Pastors and Ministry Leaders. With a different topic each month, the resource guide includes handouts, short video clips, scriptures and prayer prompts to help build your skills and knowledge base in important counseling-related areas. See past editions here and make sure to sign up for the e-newsletter so you don’t miss updates in the future.

Some pastors and ministry leaders have found that topics highlighted on the monthly Counseling Collective are ones that they would like to dig into more deeply with their team. This can be a great opportunity for On-site Teaching & Training Events. Whether this is a skill-building event or a special time of pastoral care, you may find this personal event helpful for your staff or team.

Prayer and Pastoral Support

The busier we are or the more stressed we feel, the more important it is to receive prayer. The iHope team is specifically equipped and prepared to provide pastoral support. We know that it can be difficult to find adequate care, counsel, accountability, and rest while your work is in ministry.

If prayer or pastoral support would be helpful, please reach out. We are happy to meet with you for personal or small-group times of pastoral care and prayer. Of course, our Care & Counseling Services may also be helpful. If you have specific ministry goals, consider our Life Coaching services. Or if you are struggling through a season of burnout, grief, relationship stress, or other emotional concern, consider our Professional Counseling services. (And remember, there is a 10% discount!)

Strengthened in Partnership

At iHope, we recognize that we are all strengthened in partnership. In-line budget donations from churches, ministries, and organizations allow iHope to continue offering low-cost professional services. We are available to host special on-site trainings, workshops, or speaking events for our partner churches.

If you have a congregant or friend for whom you would like to cover the costs of counseling, just call our front desk and we can work this out. We can bill your church monthly for the sessions that your sponsored client received.