Ministry Support

iHope is uniquely prepared to support ministry leaders. We are distinctly Christian, confidential, and we offer special discounts to pastors, active missionaries, and teachers in Christian K-12 schools. 


We schedule regular times of prayer, encouragement, and care at our iHope building, and invite you to join us or request specific prayers for yourself, family, or ministry.

counseling discounts

The vision of iHope is specifically focused on extending the care of the local church. We not only want to care for those in the church, but also for those leading the church. It can be particularly difficult for those living and working full-time in ministry to find care for themselves. At iHope, you’ll find a confidential, safe, Christ-centered space to receive care and counsel. An additional 10% discount is available to clergy, pastors, missionaries, and teachers in Christian K-12 schools. Please speak with your counselor at your first session.

 on-site trainings

We are happy to work with your church or ministry to provide a specialized training and teaching event at your location for your staff, leaders, or volunteers. This could be an educational event to provide training in an area where your team is struggling, or this could be a special time of encouragement and support planned for your team. Contact us to plan an on-site training for your ministry team today.