Required Intake Paperwork

Some paperwork will be required before starting your first appointment at iHope. You can find it all on this page. Four documents are required before your first session can begin. This includes (1) your Intake Form, (2) Informed Consent, (3) the iHope Communications Policy, and (4) the iHope Financial Policies.

Please download and complete the paperwork below, and bring it with you to your first appointment. (Just let us know if you prefer to arrive 20-30 minutes early and complete the paperwork here in our lobby.) Since the paperwork is required before starting your intake session, doing it ahead of time allows your counselor to focus the majority of your first appointment on getting to know you well, instead of filling out paperwork together.

First: The Intake Form

This form provides your counselor with basic contact information, goals and concerns, and background information. Please download and complete the Intake Form below that best matches the type of counseling you are seeking.

This document provides you with helpful information about your providers’s background, qualifications, approach to counseling/coaching, and also covers our confidentiality policies and other helpful information. Please download the Informed Consent for your assigned provider, and review it ahead of your first appointment. Your counselor/coach will review it with you and answer any questions in your first appointment.

If you aren’t sure who your counselor is, just give us a call at 843-702-0323 to confirm.

Third: Our iHope Policies

These two documents are both required because they inform you about our Communications Policies and Financial Policies. This includes details like our pay structure, how/when to cancel a session, and more. Both are required to be reviewed and signed before or at your first session. Take note of any questions or concerns – your provider will review this information with you before beginning counseling or coaching services.

At times, some clients will have tele-mental health appointments. However, intake appointments are held in-person. An additional consent form will be reviewed at that time, if tele-health will be used.