Getting Started

You are welcome at iHope. Call us at 843-702-0323 to schedule an intake session today. Then come here to find your intake form and what to expect in your first session. 

Download these forms

Please download and complete the appropriate intake form before your first session. A form is needed for each person who will be part of counseling. You can bring it with you to the first session, email it ahead of time to, or arrive 15 minutes early for your first session to complete it then.

What to expect

When you call iHope, we will talk to you briefly about what you are looking for in counseling, and will assign a counselor based on your request and availability.

When you arrive, you’ll park in the back and walk around to the front door to enter the building. Our lobby is set up to be comfortable, relaxing, and safe.

In the first session, you will spend time with your counselor getting to know each other, identifying your concerns and goals, and establishing a safe professional relationship for moving forward in counseling. Your counselor will review their Informed Consent, so that you know what the counseling process will be like and understand confidentiality, their educational background and qualifications, the fee structure, and more. Your counselor will also review your intake form so that they can begin to understand how we can be most helpful to you.

Every session then closes with identifying the next scheduled session and coming back to the front office to handle payment. Our counselors, staff, and volunteers will all respect your privacy and will strive to make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Pay Structure

Session fees range from $40-$60 per session, based on the credentials of your counselor. Payment is due at the time of services. Counselors at iHope do not accept insurance, but if payment is a difficulty, please discuss this with your counselor in the first session.

Receipts will be provided at each session. If you plan to submit your own reimbursement request to your insurance provider, you are welcome to request appropriate documentation from us. We cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement.

Still have questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.