Exploring our Core Values: Whole-Person Care

This is the sixth post in our look at the five core values of iHope. Today we’ll dig into our core value of Whole-Person Care.

What does it mean to provide Whole-Person Care?

At iHope we want to serve and care for each person’s entire being. God has created each of us as spiritual, mental, relational, physical, and emotional beings. We hope to care for every area of life and to provide support, resources, and healing wherever a person or family is struggling. Each area impacts the others, and we will not ignore concerns that need support and care. We want to help our clients to find health and wellness in every area of life.

Why is this a core value of iHope?

We are created in God’s image, but after the Fall (Genesis 3), we were each broken spiritually, mentally, relationally, physically, and emotionally. This is why at iHope we recognize the need to care for each of these areas in a person’s life, not just one specific area. Even our clients who are professing Christians, although our “old self” is done and we are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), we still live in this world of complications, struggles, and temptations. We want to help people live into the full truth of Jesus’ identity and their identity in Him. In any area of struggle, we want to help with skills and strategies that support healthy, fulfilling, meaningful daily life and relationships.

  • Whole-Person Care
    Serve and care for each person’s holistic health – spiritual, mental, relational, physical, and emotional health and wellness.
    Matthew 22:36-39, Matthew 14:14-21