A prayer for oneness

Here in Florence, there is an upcoming event called “Oneness Embraced” where Tony Evans (nationally known preacher) will join Helping Florence Flourish at the Civic Center to provide a biblical and pastoral guide for striving for unity across racial and socioeconomic divides in Florence, S.C. Learn more and get your free tickets here. Please join us in prayer for the oneness of God’s church, and for this event.

Holy Father, you are three in One. We do not fully understand the wonder of the Trinity, but we know that it is wonderful and that it is a holy truth. You have also called your Church to be one. Oh, Lord, have mercy on us for the division, the judgement, the selfishness, and the many ways that we fall short in this world of showing your glory! We pray for unity of your Church around the world, and especially for unity in Florence. Lord, bridge the racial divide. Bridge the economic separation. Help us to follow your call to love you and to love our neighbor as ourselves… we are indeed neighbors! And Holy Father, we pray for Tony Evans and for this event. May he speak your truth in love, boldness, and kindness. And may we follow through on oneness, praying for each other, praying for the Church, and enjoying your presence, your power, and your glory. Amen.