A prayer for fathers

God is our holy and perfect Father, and He gives us earthly fathers to protect, care for, and raise children. Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day. Will you join us in prayer for our fathers today?

O God, you are our good Father. We praise you that we can trust you in absolutely everything. We thank you for the fathers in our lives! They love, protect, guide, and teach us great lessons. No father here on earth is holy or perfect like you, but you love them, and you love us through them. Equip our dads to lead our families well, with self-sacrificial love. O God, thank you for our dads, for the men who lead and guide us. We pray for your protection over them, and ask that you empower them with patience, strength, kindness, and wisdom as they lead us and raise their children.

Holy Father, there are many who mourn when they think about their fathers: those who have lost a beloved dad, those fathers who have lost a child, and those whose earthly fathers have hurt and wounded them in one way or another. O God, remind us today that your love for us is enough. Remind us today of your faithfulness. Be the Protector and the Provider for those who question, mourn, or hurt.  

You are good, O God our Father, and we thank you for the gift of dads here on earth! We come to you with thanksgiving and in celebration. We thank you for the fathers of the church – Paul, Peter, Augustine, Luther, and so many more. Help us to love our fathers today, and every day, and may the dads in our lives point us to Jesus and place their hope in you alone.