A prayer in catastrophe

While Hurricane Harvey has moved on, the city of Houston will be dealing with the aftermath of its devastation for years to come. The flooding has been catastrophic: fifty inches of rain, over 9 trillion gallons of water, and people walking to rescue boats in water so high it covered their mouths. Towns are still being evacuated, and the shelters are holding 150% of the people they were planning to shelter. Just because the storm has passed does not mean that the catastrophic effects are no longer being felt. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Houston. Will you pray with us today?

Father God, you are in control of all things. We struggle to make sense of natural disasters, evil, cruelty, and suffering. But we know that you are in control, and that your will is good. O God, have mercy on Houston and the people there. Save lives. Spare property. O Lord, protect the first responders and those who are trapped, scared, abandoned, or fearful. We lift up the agriculture, industry, and jobs that will be impacted. Sanctify and protect the shelters that are stretched beyond capacity. O Lord, you are our Creator and Sustainer. We ask for your mercy. End the flooding quickly, and restore people to their families and homes. May the response of support be quick, helpful, honoring, and lasting. We praise you for your power in nature. Jesus calmed the storm on the sea that threatened the lives of his disciples; we pray that you will calm this storm and save those in trouble or harm’s way.