Is it worth setting goals?

You may or may not be interested in setting a New Years Resolution, but undoubtedly there have been times in life when you’ve set goals to work toward. Why do we do this? Is it worth the energy and effort?

In a nutshell, the answer would be: Yes. It is worth setting goals. It is worth identifying what our priorities are. It is worth the energy to strive toward specific outcomes or goals that we want to see happen. But this goal-setting is only worthwhile if the goals are meaningful, if our priorities are well-set, and if our efforts bring glory to God regardless of the final outcome.


It is helpful to start by thinking about what you want to be different in your life. What do you hope is different in one year? But don’t stop there! To truly identify meaningful goals, you’ll need to put other people into the equation true and ensure that you understand the why behind your goals. Our goals are meaningful when they positively impact the people we love and work toward the good of others, not just ourselves.


The things we identify as “goals” are the things that we intend to put energy, resources, time, money, thought, and effort into… so by default, these means you will be prioritizing these areas of life. You may have goals around your physical health, your family relationships, tasks to accomplish at work, or areas of spiritual maturity. If you accomplish the goal that you are setting, will you be happy with how your life has been restructured? Time will go from one current area into this new goal-oriented area. Does this accurately reflect what you prioritize in life?


The goal itself should bring glory to God, but so should the journey toward achieving the goal. How will you pursue your goal? Time away from family may help you achieve a goal at work. Starving yourself may help you achieve a goal to lose weight. Cutting back on your charity gifts may help to stabilize your budgetary goals. But will these methods bring glory to God? (Let alone bringing happiness to yourself.) Take time not only set goals, but to pray about the goals, the methods you’ll need to take to achieve the goal, and the resources you’ll have to exert to work toward this goal. Will all of these areas be glorifying, healthy, and holy?

It is worth setting goals, but only if those goals are meaningful, reflecting your true priorities, and bringing God glory every step of the way. What goals are you identifying for this next season of life?