A prayer for marriage on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, will you pray with us today for the marriages in our churches and community?

O God Almighty, you have established the bond and covenant of marriage. You bring husband and wife together in a union of heart, body, and mind, for their mutual joy, for help and comfort, and for nurturing their children in the knowledge and love of You, their Lord. O God, we pray for the marriages in our community: for strength, love, respect, and honor. Where there is discord and hurt, may our Lord Jesus bring peace, healing, and comfort. May the marriages in our churches honor you and be a beautiful representation of the union between Jesus Christ and his Church. We pray for those who long to be married and are not. We pray for those who have been married and have lost their spouse. Today is a celebration of romance, but we know that romance is only a small part of love, and our love today only a shadow of the true Love that Jesus has shown us in his sacrifice, death, and resurrection. Bring us closer to You as we love one another today. Amen.

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