Prayer for the new school year

Students here in the Florence area returned to school this week (or possibly even last week). Many churches are covering their youth groups in prayer during this season. Will you join us also as we pray for our students and our schools?

Holy God, all wisdom and knowledge comes from you. Truth is found in your Word and your will. We pray, Lord, that this will be a year of growth, learning, and passion. In the classroom and beyond, please be moving in our students’ hearts to know You better, understand your world better, and to know themselves rightly. Provide a way out from temptations of cheating, gossip, anxiety, and despair. Build up strong relationships between students and their classmates, teachers, and faculty.

Lord, bless our parents as they support their children through this school year. Give patience, perseverance, and encouragement to our teachers and school staff. Keep our buildings safe, and protect our students’ bodies, minds, and hearts throughout this school year. May there be honest questions, helpful answers, and humility to seek out correction and truth. O God, be present in our schools this year, and may your Name be glorified this school year!