Words shape our perspective: Thoughts on a(nother) rainy Saturday.

This week, I was reminded by God (and my discipleship group… and a secular book that I’m reading… and the conviction of the Holy Spirit…) that words are powerful

Words shape our perspective. 

Today, it’s rainy here in Florence. It’s been rainy for months, frankly. Every hint of rainfall leads to a flood warning from the weather apps. How do you talk about the rain, the weather? Beyond talking, how do you think about the weather?

If the phrase “it’s bad weather” is familiar to you, consider how these words are shaping your perspective. Why is rain “bad” weather? How is this label subtly impacting you, and the people around you?

The reality is, God decided that it would rain today. If I trust that He is good, I must trust that his decision for a rainy Saturday is good. Maybe not for my plans of frolicking in the great outdoors… but if I’m asking for God to bless my frolicking at the expense of his plans, there are greater problems at hand. 

Where have you seen the power of words to shape your perspective?

Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Executive Director