Protecting children from abuse

Is there any title that would be more easily agreed upon? We are all called to protect children from abuse.

Of course, we are each called to protect all peoplefrom abuse – women, men, children, adults. But children are in a uniquely vulnerable position. They rely upon adults to care for them, and their knowledge and awareness does not match that of their caregivers. 

Here are 3 tips for helping to protect children. 

Supervision is key.

Did you know that 80% of sexual abuse cases occur in isolated, one-on-one situations? (source) Abuse is much less likely to happen when a safe, trusted adult is supervising the child. 

Control your emotions.

Anger and other strong emotions can limit our ability to act rationally and logically. Shaken baby syndromeand other forms of physical abuse are real and dangerous, as are forms of neglect such as caregivers being withdrawn, emotionally absent, or ignoring the child’s needs.

Address warning signs. 

If a child begins behaving strangely, take note. Injuries, emotional changes, or unusual behaviors all can be warning signs. This may look like unexplained anger, isolating, anxiety, depression, or more. And of course, if a child says they are scared or someone is hurting them, take it seriously.

What to do about abuse?