All 5 love languages matter

This morning, I woke up feeling… not my best. It was a slow start to the day.

Then, about 20 minutes ago, my sweet and wonderful husband brought me a favorite Starbucks beverage as a pick-me-up. He used his short planning period at school to drive, buy, deliver, drive – just because he knew I’d had a hard morning. 

I can’t think of anything more romantic. 

Have you heard of Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages? There’s an online assessment right herethat can provide some helpful information. He outlines five ways that each person experiences love:

  • physical touch
  • quality time
  • acts of service
  • gifts, and
  • words of affirmation. 

This morning, my husband’s thoughtful act was both a gift and an act of service. And you know what? Those are my bottom two of the “five” languages. I rarely think about them. So what a great reminder today that ALL of the love languages matter!

If you love someone, you want to show them that love on a regular basis and in a variety of ways. Don’t fall into a rut! You may highly value quality time and that is a centerpiece in your relationship, but take time to also hold hands, say kind words, handle the other person’s chores when they don’t expect it, and buy or make them as special little gift from time to time. 

All five love languages go a long way in creating, sustaining, and cementing romance. 

What are your top love languages?

Written be Jessica Hayes
iHope Executive Director