The Power of a Jar

I know what you’re thinking. Where would a jar be helpful beyond the kitchen?

Sure, a jar can be used to store flour or jam. But let’s think bigger. Can we use a simple jar to improve our lives? To grow us, comfort us, encourage us, and shape us?


Okay, in all fairness you will need two additional items beyond the jar itself. You’ll need a writing instrument (pen, marker) and a piece of paper (notecard, sticky note) – whatever items work best for you.

We can leverage the power of the jar by writing down snapshots of an area in which we would like to grow.

Here are some examples of jars that I have used in counseling:

  • Scripture Jar – use the jar to collect favorite Scripture verses
  • Inspiration Jar – use the jar to collect inspirational quotes to encourage you
  • Thanksgiving Jar – use the jar to collect daily acknowledgments of gratitude
  • Kindness Jar – use the jar to collect kind words people have said to you
  • God Sightings Jar – use the jar to collect daily record of ways you saw God work

What you write will depend on what you want the jar to accomplish. Each day (or however often is appropriate and realistic) you’ll jot down your note, Scripture, quote, or other item and then put that slip of paper into the jar.

Frankly, this is powerful on its own – writing these things down helps to lodge them more firmly in our lives. But the real power of the jar comes from opening it. Each day, each week, each year you can open the jar and re-read your slips of paper. Find encouragement. Find laughter. Find kindness. Find hope.

All in a jar.

Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Communications Director