A prayer for our country

There has been much emotion surrounding the latest US election and our recent presidential inauguration. In any time of emotion, prayer is a helpful response. In any time of transition, prayer is a helpful response. We hope you will join us in praying for our country today.

Holy Father, you are God Almighty and we praise you. We are thankful for so much today! We thank you for this country, for our freedoms, our liberties, and for those who have sacrificed for us to have these things. We look around the world at other government transitions and we are reminded of what a blessing it is to have a transition of power without bloodshed, military action, or blind assertion of dominance. We thank you for this. We ask that you will be present with us, O God, guiding us, leading us, and working through us for the good of all people. Build up your people here and help us to love you and to love our neighbors well. May your will be done, O Holy Father.