Exploring our Core Values: Christ-centered

This is the second post in our look at the five core values of iHope. Today we’ll dig into our core value that we are Christ-centered.

What does it mean to be Christ-centered?

In a simple statement, we have defined this as remaining consistently true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Word in Scripture. This means that we strive to put Him first in our lives and maintain a relationship with Him. We read his Word (the Bible) and we believe it is true. We let Jesus lead us in our decisions, thoughts, words, and actions. Throughout history, people who decided to follow Jesus and call themselves Christians put Him at the center of their lives. iHope does the same.

Why is this a core value of iHope?

Each counselor and staff member at iHope is a professing Christian. This means that we are broken, messed up people… just like everyone else. We are not different, and we are certainly not better. And we need Jesus. He heals us, forgives us, and restores us. Therefore, we each seek to follow Him in our individual lives, professional lives, and everywhere in between. We believe that following Jesus is central to who we are and what iHope will be.

This does not mean that everyone coming to iHope for support, counseling, or training will agree with our Christian beliefs. That’s okay! Everyone is welcome. We believe that Jesus offers hope that we, as human beings, can never successfully offer and live up to.

  • Christ-centered
    Remain consistently true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Word in Scripture
    John 15:1-8