Eat your fruits & veggies

We all knows that fruits and vegetables are good for your health. In fact, the USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend that half of your plate of food be made up of fruits and vegetables. That’s a lot more than many of us eat. But, there are great benefits to these food choices!

Physical Health Improves

This is the area we normally think about – and it’s true, fruits & veggies improve our physical health. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. They improve digestion, reduce disease, are low in calories, and help to keep your muscles, skin, teeth, and entire body strong and healthy. Want to stay healthy? Eat more fruits & veggies. (Get some tips and ideas on this website.)

Psychological Health Improves

The really interesting thing is, more research is beginning to show how fruits & veggies also improve our mental and psychological health. Check out this study just published in February 2017: even in just 2 weeks, young adults who have been provided high-quality fruits and vegetables reported more curiosity, motivation and creativity than peers who did not eat more fruits & veggies – and even compared with peers who were provided the money to buy the fruits & veggies, and a daily reminder to eat them, but who didn’t have the fresh food right in front of them.

What we see is what we eat, and what we eat influences how we feel. 

Want to get more our of your daily life experience? Eat more of the healthy food God has given us. Fruits & veggies are good for you!