Quitting Your Job Well

Most of us will come to a fork in the road at some point in our work lives, and find ourselves needing to quit our job. Hopefully we have another job lined up! But how do you quit your job well?

Have a timeline and a plan

You may find there is tension between the desires of your family, protocols of your current job, and expectations of your new job. What length of notice should you give to your current employer? Consider the following:

  • How long have you been there and how long will it take to wrap the job up well?
  • Are there clients, patients, or other customers dependent on you?
  • Why are you leaving? Is there high stress, unethical behavior, or harassment that you are seeking to escape?

It will be helpful to consider what will be most honoring to your current employers, new employers, and to yourself and your family as well. Identify a timeline that is realistic and appropriate, and then tell your supervisor of your decision. You’ll want to write a resignation letter, and identify a plan for wrapping-up your current work tasks. Your supervisor may be able to help you with this, certainly if there are other people or programs impacted by your departure. Be kind and upfront with people as you tell them about your decision. Identify the transition plan, the specific timeline, and ask how you can best support them.

Leave on good terms

There may be things you dislike about your current job, but it is best to leave on good terms with the people there. This is honoring to God (Ephesians 4:29-32) and allows you to help and support the people who have supported you. This also sets you up well for future job references or other opportunities that you may not be able to predict today.

It may be tempting to “tell off” your annoying co-worker, start showing up late for work, or to tell your clients about all the things you dislike about the company. But think about the witness you are leaving. Are these words, thoughts, and actions that glorify Christ? Is this the person you want to be? Jesus asked you to serve others, love your neighbor, and even to pray for your enemies. Certainly He wants you to be kind and respectful to your co-workers and employers. Focus on the next job, the excitement and enjoyment of leaving for a new job, and leave your current job on good terms.