Our 2018 Goals: Goal #1

This time last year, iHope was still a vision. We hadn’t even incorporated with the state as a new business, let alone fixing up the building, finishing IRS paperwork, or starting to hold counseling sessions. And here we are in January 2018! iHope is open and running. Much was accomplished in 2017, and we are excited to share our two big goals for 2018. We hope you will join us in prayer, encouragement, planning, and partnership toward these goals!

Goal #1: Build church and community partnerships.

One of the foundational truths at iHope is that we are “Strengthened in Partnership.” We believe that God has created humans to thrive in community together, and we know that this ministry is only as strong as the people who surround us and invest in us.

What do we mean by “partnership”? For us, partnership looks like people working together for the benefit of a shared goal. Our mission at iHope is to bring hope and healing to the community through professional counseling and care rooted in biblical principles. Does this mission sound meaningful to you?

  • We believe that counseling is valuable and can help people. Do you believe this?
  • We believe it is important that counseling be rooted in Truth – the Word of God and the hope and healing of Jesus. Would you agree?
  • We believe that counseling should help people and be accessible to those in need. Do you think it is important for counseling to be affordable and accessible?

If you agree with these statements and this mission, then we hope you will partner with iHope! This could mean a variety of action steps: financial support, serving as a volunteer, praying, staying up-to-date and spreading the word about what iHope does. You may find that some or all of these action steps are reasonable for you.

Goals are best achieved if they are specific – and the specifics for this goal are that God will link us with 10 church partners and provide 300 monthly donors to financially support the mission of iHope. 

  • The $14 for 1414 Partnership is our primary giving option here. A gift of only $14 per month supports our presence and ministry in Florence at 1414 W. Evan Street.

Why are our specifics focused on monthly finances? Because this provides the financial foundation to cover 50% of the iHope budget. This allows us to keep client fees also at 50% the cost of many other local counselors – keeping counseling accessible, biblical, and helpful.