Our 2018 Goals: Goal #2

Goals are important, because they point us in a specific direction and help us to create action steps that have purpose and meaning. Yesterday we shared about our first goal for iHope in 2018, to build church and community partnerships. Today we are excited to share Goal #2.

Goal #2: Resource our churches and community members.

This goal is linked with another foundational truth at iHope – that we want to help people be “Fruitful in Life.” This is why we offer the services that we do – counseling, trainings, care, ministry support. Our Care & Counseling Sessions are the core of what iHope offers, but in 2018 we want to expand that care into the community with stronger resources for those looking to grow.

One way that we plan to resource people is with classes and workshops that target specific needs in our community, helping people to develop specific life skills. Topics will include parenting skills, financial skills, and workshops for pastors and ministry leaders to equip them as they care and serve for their people.

  • Starting in February, high school students can learn critical financial skills using Dave Ramsey’s popular and proven curriculum for Financial Peace for students – FOUNDATIONS in Personal Finance. Learn more and enroll today.

We also want to resource ourselves, our own counselors and staff and clients, by expanding the options available on-site at iHope. We’ve opened a prayer room that is available anytime, with specific community prayer on Mondays and Fridays at 10:30am. We are building a resource library to offer continued training to our counselors and options for clients to check-out books or DVDs to help them as they’re working on specific goals.

It is our hope and prayer that these resources will expand the reach of iHope beyond the walls of our building and into the community. We are available to host and lead other Teaching & Training Events if you are part of a group with a specific need. Just like our Care & Counseling Sessions, our classes and workshops are grounded in biblical principles and aimed to bring hope and healing to people.