Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day) … #10

It’s cold, it’s rainy, it’s February… yes, Valentine’s Day is coming! In only ten days, the best-known day of romance is upon us. You may love the day or you may hate it, but if there is a person whom you love, then you can’t just ignore it! For the next ten days, enjoy our short blog series outlining the Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day).

#10: Say those three magic words.

There are several different sets of “three magic words” that are central to marriage (or any healthy relationship). The key is figuring out when to say them and how to say them for your particular person. Here are five necessary sets of “three magic words”:

“I love you.” Classic – and critical. Make sure you are saying these words, out loud, every day. And if you have trouble saying it genuinely, work on whatever the issue is that is getting in your heart’s way.

“I am sorry.” Humility is the key to any healthy relationship. Your spouse already knows you messed up… admitting it shows strength, care, and love.

“Can I help?” Love is about more than happy feelings and romantic dates. Help each other. Serve each other. Review Genesis 2 – Adam and Eve need help and so God makes them for each other.

“You are great.” Fill in that last part with whatever compliment you want! Tell your beloved why they are beloved.

“Good night, sweetie.” Pick a nickname or a term of endearment and use it. Say good morning, good bye, good night – connect with your beloved throughout the day.

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day well, make each (or all!) of these “three magic words” a daily part of your relationship.

Call to Action:

Whichever of these 5 statement is the least often expressed in your relationship – set down your phone or close your computer, find your loved one, and say them.