Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day)… #7

There is a week to go – have you planned your Valentine’s Day date? Flowers, chocolates, and fancy restaurants may be classics, but dates can be much more creative – and much more consistent – than all of that. Find out below, #7 in our Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day).

#7: Date your spouse.

You probably put a decent amount of thought, time, and energy into dates when you were… dating. But what about during the engagement season? After you’re married? And goodness, what about after you become parents?!

Dates are still important.

They don’t have to be complicated or expensive. A date is simply four ingredients:

  1. You.
  2. Your beloved.
  3. Intentional.
  4. Time.

Maybe it’s breakfast together, a Monday phone call during your commute home, letting the kids watch a Friday night video while you eat PB&J sandwiches in the dining room as adults.

You will probably want some dates that are fancier than this, but if you’re waiting for the annual Date Night dinner at Victors Restaurant in downtown Florence, it’s worth adding a few additional dates in between.

Call to Action:

If you haven’t planned your Valentine’s Day date yet… plan it now. If you’ve already planned it, take ninety seconds to lift up a prayer that the date is special and meaningful for your spouse.