Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day)… #6

If today’s suggestion is not happening regularly in your relationship, know that it is of top importance. Couples who pray together stay together. Marriage is God-ordained, and He wants to be at the center of your life. Keep enjoying our short blog series: Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day).

#6: Pray together.

Your pastor may say long and serious prayers each Sunday at church. That’s great. Your toddler may rattle off a mealtime prayer with rhymes and hand motions in less than sixty seconds at the dinner table. That’s great too.

Prayer can be short, long, loud, quiet, happy, sad, and everything in between. The important factor is merely a simple question: Are you praying?

Cover your spouse in prayer today. Share with them what you are praying for – your prayers for them, for yourself, for the things going on in the life that you share. You might pray in the morning, right before bed, on the phone while traveling for work, or any time that works for both of you.

God has a plan for your marriage as well as for you individually. Talk to him about that plan.

Call to Action:

If you’re stuck on where to start, begin saying The Lord’s Prayer out loud with your spouse each night before bed. You can find the words in Luke 11 or Matthew 6.