5 Key Take-Aways from the “Renewing Your Romance” Event

This Saturday at iHope, we hosted our first “Renewing Your Romance” event. Several local couples came together to learn about marriage communication, practice and enjoy positive interaction together, and to encourage each other. It was a great time!

Our intern Jen Almers prepared and led the group, using material from well-known marriage therapists such as John Gottman and Emerson Eggerich. She facilitated rich discussion among the couples present, and each couple went home with a folder of resources for continued discussion, date night ideas, and more.

Not only did I attend as a participant with my husband Kelly, but I observed a lot of smiling, note taking, nodding, and “aha” moments throughout the group. It was a great joy to see the mission of iHope being lived out in a fun way through this group!

If you weren’t with us this weekend (and even if you were!) you can still renew your romance today and every day by focusing on a few key pieces of information with your beloved:

  1. Read, pray, and discuss Ephesians 5 together.
  2. Focus on the art of listening well. Listen with your ears, eyes, body, language, and heart.
  3. Get to know your spouse. Date each other. Keep deepening your knowing of each other.
  4. Confess your mistakes and sins quickly to each other, and forgive each other even more quickly. Humility is important.
  5. Be intentional to avoid criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling in your relationship. Instead, show appreciation and turn toward each other regularly.

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Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Executive Director