Why I enjoy the season of Girl Scout cookies

However you may feel about the Girl Scouts as an organization, and whatever your current status of dieting, eliminating sugar, or other healthy eating plans… their cookies are a part of our community. And I enjoy the season of Girl Scout cookies.

Why? I was never in the Girl Scouts. I don’t even love all of their cookie flavors. (But I will definitely buy a few boxes of Thin Mints.)

I enjoy the rhythms of community life.

It is the rhythms of life that center us, guide us, and connect us. The church moves through Lent into Easter and back to Advent and Christmas. Our families celebrate birthdays and anniversaries each year. As a community, we slow down through summer vacations, share anticipation with the new school year (I bet you feel it, even if you don’t have school-aged children!), hunker down for winter holidays, and now… we drive past parents and kids outside together enjoying and selling cookies.

Rhythms are a biblical principle that lead our lives. You may be familiar with the song “Turn, Turn Turn” by The Byrds… but what about the Scripture that it is directly quoting? Ecclesiastes chapter 3 starts:

“To everything, there is a season,
and a time to every purpose
under heaven.” (KJV)

God has counted every hair on our heads and every day of our lives. There is a season for joy and for sorrow, a season for life and for death, a season for waiting and for celebrating.

This season is not about the Girl Scout cookies, but is does show us the rhythm of our community. I hope you will enjoy this season, before life naturally turns to the next. What are the rhythms of your life? Pray through this, and give thanks to God in every season that He gives you.

written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Executive Director