Pray with us on the National Day of Prayer

Today in the United States is the National Day of Prayer. There are many gatherings around our country today where people are coming together to bow their heads before God Almighty to pray for our country. Will you pray with us today?

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your Name. We come before You today to lift up this country, the United States of America. God, may we truly be united, specifically united in your will. We ask for your mercy, grace, and guidance to be poured out on our country today. May your Spirit of wisdom and revelation open our communities’ eyes to see and know You better. May the people who call this country home hallow and praise your Name!

Holy Father, it is so easy for us to get off track from your will, to substitute our own priorities and goals in place of your good plans. Forgive us. Lead us. We pray for unity in our country – O Lord, heal the divisions that we have created and allowed, the divisions in race, economics, politics, genders. Heal the divisions in the Church, O God, that we may be one as you – God the Father, Son, and Spirit – are One. We pray for the true Gospel to strengthen our schools, hospitals, prisons, businesses, courthouses, playgrounds, and most especially our churches. May the Gospel be faithfully preached in every church that calls itself by your Name. Peal away untruth that confuses people about who You really are, and pour out your Holy Spirit to renew, correct, encourage, and equip our pastors and congregations across this country. 

We are your humble servants, O God. Have mercy upon us. Strengthen us by the power of your mighty strength, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and seated him at your right hand in the heavenly realm. We pray for our families – for strong marriages, healthy children, and wise parents. We pray for our teachers, mayors, nurses, entertainers, celebrities, politicians, and those who lead and influence. We pray for those who are sick, hurting, imprisoned, homeless, addicted, depressed, disabled, and struggling – shine the hope of Jesus Christ into our country! May each of us following Christ influence those around us for good, that they may see our good works and praise your good Name. 

Praise be to God! Amen.