Family Conflict During Quarantine

Is there such a thing as too much family time?

Many are finding that during the days of the covid-19 quarantine… yes! 

Of course, we all love our family. But whether you’re dealing with high tension in the marriage relationship, sibling bickering or bullying, or stir-crazy toddlers (or teens), there is high opportunity for family conflict when we’re all cooped up together. 

Don’t let the coronavirus hurt your family relationships. 

First, acknowledge the reality of the stress and conflict that you’re facing. Each family member may experience it differently, but it can help to give voice and words to the feelings that are a struggle inside. 

Second, find ways to take time apart. Just because you’re all in the same house does not mean you have to be in the same room all of the time, or engaging in the same activity together. 

Third, focus on some out-of-the-ordinary family activities. What have you always wanted to try as a family? This may be a great time to try a new daily devotional together, or to get back into the habit of Friday night pizza and a movie. 

Fourth, when conflict does escalate, make sure to “fight fair”’ and to check your own temper. Watch your tongue. Take a break from the argument if someone needs to calm down.

Finally, apologize when necessary. Yes, parents, there are times when it is appropriate to apologize to your children! We all lose our cool sometimes. Repentance is a holy thing, and can be a great opportunity for discussion about important topics. 

Conflict is inevitable, and times of stress tend to bring it out the most. But it does not need to hurt our relationships. 

Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Communications Director