Don’t Forget the Why

How well do you remember the reason why you do what you do?

Why did you pick the career that you have? Why did you marry your spouse? Why did you decide to have children? Why do you attend church? Why did you accept your current job? Why did you become a Christian?

It is so easy to get lost in the day-in-day-out tasks of life. There is usually so much to do that we focus on the “how” and perhaps the “when” of a deadline, and the “why” of it can become fuzzy. 

When you ask yourself the question “why,” the answer will always be revealing. 

For the Christian, the ultimate answer to “why” for any of the above questions comes down to the same answer. To glorify God. 

Why engage in this career, this job? To glorify God in your work. Why did you marry this person, have children, why raise a family? To glorify God in those relationships. Why attend church? Why become a Christian? To glorify God through obedience and fellowship.

At iHope, the answer is the same. Why operate a Christian counseling ministry? Why put out the emotional energy to help strangers in their mental health struggles? Why deal with the paperwork and logistics of running a nonprofit? 

To glorify God.

Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Communications Director