Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day)… #4

We’re close, but not quite there yet! Let’s continue with our blog series: Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day).

#4: Give the gift of time.  

Yesterday’s blog post was lengthy, because apologies are central to a healthy relationship. But today you’ll get the gift of time even here in reading this blog series.

Today? Spend time with your spouse.

That time can be electronic – text them during the day or share a kind word about them in a Facebook post.

The time can be nonverbal – put the phone away while you’re at dinner, sit together and hold hands at church, or make eye contact across the room and smile intentionally at them.

And make sure that some of that time is physicalbe together, near each other, sharing experiences together. If that requires re-arranging your busy schedule so that you can be together more often, do it.

Call to Action:

Look at your daily schedule and add one thing tomorrow that will be a purposeful reaching out to your spouse to give them a little extra time and care.