Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day)… #3

Every couple needs to organize life together – are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? – but in the midst of this, it is easy to overlook the romance of the romantic relationship. There are only a few days left in our short blog series: Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Every Day).

#3: Do something every day to make your spouse smile.

Think back to your early dates with your now-beloved. There were probably butterflies, smiles, and many opportunities to simply gaze into each other’s eyes. It delighted you to say or do things that made the other person smile.

Do you still delight to make your beloved smile?

There are big things that will bring a smile – and Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for that. But don’t ignore your daily opportunity to invest in the happiness and closeness of your marriage!

  • Ask your spouse: “How can I help you today?”
  • Do a small thing each day to take care of a task that your spouse finds frustrating or boring.
  • Compliment your spouse – their appearance, their brain, their heart, their parenting.
  • Compliment your spouse, in front of them, to someone else. Brag on them in public!
  • Say “thank you” – even to the everyday routine things that your spouse always does.

Do these ideas feel simple? Good!

Call to Action:

There are 5 small suggestions above. Make a list of 5 more, that will uniquely delight your spouse.  As February draws to a close, these 10 ideas ca be done three times through and cover every day of March!