Why am I so anxious all the time?

Anxiety is a product of this broken, human world. There are many reasons why people struggle with worry and anxiety, but one core reason is because things are outside of our control. And we very much want them inside of our control!

Do you struggle with worry, with anxiety, always wondering “what if” and “what about” for life’s situations?

Remember that the Lord is in control.

There are many things in life that God does allow us to control – typically, we can decide what we eat, who we talk to, what job we take, where we live. But ultimately, everything is outside of our control and in the hands of God.

Think about the simple area of getting dressed in the morning. You’re looking professional and stylish, you chose colors that match… and then a car speeds by and splashes mud on your new pants. Or your hamburger at lunch drips ketchup onto your tie.

If you want to be in control, know that you are not alone.

But more than that, know the One who is in control. God is good, faithful, kind, and loving. He is merciful. He hears our prayers (read the psalms for encouragement here) and when we decide to follow Jesus, He gives his Spirit to live inside of us – a Spirit of power, love, and self-control.

If you struggle with anxiety and worry, “turn your eyes upon Jesus” as the old hymn says. Meditate on who the Lord is – He is strong, He is loving, He has counted every hair on your head. If He is in control, then ultimately, all is well.

If anxiety and worry are a struggle for you, you are not alone. And iHope may be able to help. Check out our Care & Counseling Sessions.