The Value of Reading Throughout the Lifespan

Do you love to read? Or perhaps you wish that you loved to read. Whether you love it or hate it, reading is valuable. 

Reading teaches us new information.

In our youth, we are constantly learning new things. As we enter adulthood, we’re putting learning into practice, pruning our areas of knowledge and expertise. In the later years of life, reading continues to engage our brain, making us think and puzzle through things, which improves our health – mental, physical, and emotional health.

Reading connect us with a bigger world.

It is tempting and easy to live in a bubble, always surrounded by people who think like you, talk like you, and believe what you already believe. But there is a much larger world out there! Other cultures, religions, ethnicities, opinions, and perspectives. Reading can help bring those other worlds to life.

Reading builds relationships.

Did you know that even in the womb, babies can hear voices and will recognize their mother’s voice immediately after being born? Reading to your baby before meeting them face to face is already building the relationship! In every relationship, mental intimacy is important – sharing thoughts and ideas – and reading is a great way to build intimacy. Especially with God; reading his Word in the Bible builds up our relationship with Him. It’s how we get to know Him.

Reading reminds us that we don’t know everything.

As we learn, we become more aware of just how much we don’t know yet. This is a good thing. It keeps us humble, encourages us to ask questions instead of always lecturing other people, and motivates us to continue seeking new learning and wisdom.