Ten Tips for Your Mental Health During a Major Storm

Hurricane Florence is coming to Florence, and the weather predictions tell us to expect torrential winds, rain, floods, and power outages. For many of us, this creates stress, anxiety, worry, and fear – and when you’re stuck inside for days at a time, boredom!

Make sure that you and your family are physically safe during the storm, and then take a look at these ten tips for maintaining your mental health during the storm.

  1. Spend quality time with loved ones. If they aren’t physically with you, check in by phone or text when you are able. This is an opportunity to remind the people you love that you love them.
  2. Avoid constantly checking social media or news updates. New information does not typically come out every hour, and constant checking can increase anxiety.
  3. If you lose power, embrace the temporary technology black out. Meditate in the quiet. Light romantic candles. Play 20 questions with your kids.
  4. Make sure to continue drinking enough water and eating healthy foods. If you have medications, take them as scheduled. If you’re feeling well, this will help your mental health.
  5. Have your emergency items easily accessible, in case you need to grab and go. This can decrease your worry and stress. This website will help.
  6. Notice warning signs that you (or someone else) is getting irritated, bored, or worn out by too much together time. Is someone grouchy, complaining more, or speaking rudely? Initiate some distance and personal alone time to let people cool off.
  7. Invest in low-energy, high-investment activities: read Scripture, play board games, fill up a coloring book, take a nap.
  8. It may feel lonely if you can’t see or spend time with your usual friends or family. Take time to write them a letter and pray for them. Re-connect with God through journaling and Scripture-reading. Have a conversation with the neighbors.
  9. Continue to pray, read God’s Word, and follow any typical daily routines that are still feasible. In fact, there may be extra time right now for devotional time with God.
  10. Many people get restless or irritated when stuck in one place for a long period of time. Use this time to accomplish tasks at home (could you clean the bathroom?) and to stretch your creativity (have you ever written a song?) – see what you learn about yourself!

Stay safe! Stay sane. And trust in the Lord.