Does sleep really impact my mental health?

This can be a short blogpost. 

Answer: Yes. 

Okay, okay, let’s go a little bit deeper. 

There are huge connections between our physical and mental health. Plenty of scientific studies show the connection between sleep and healthy immune functioning, reduced anxiety and depression, and overall feeling better. 

Beyond the science, I know that sleep impacts our mental health because you don’t want to hang out with me when I’m sleep-deprived.

I hope that I have the maturity to simply yawn frequently and still maintain my polite, kind, charming, considerate personality. But I’m not fully confident of that.

Sleep may impact you a little differently, but I’ll bet that some of these items are on your list like they are mine:

  • I’m more likely to keep conversations short and superficial
  • I’m more irritable, less patient
  • I have quicker emotional reactions, rather than logical responses
  • I’m more likely to have weird laughing fits
  • I’m more likely to have unexplained crying jags
  • I’m less likely to remember the details of our conversation (which you won’t appreciate tomorrow)

Want to feel better? Get a full night’s sleep. Today. Every day.

Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Executive Director