I miss sugar.

Have you given something up for Lent? Chocolate, ice cream, coffee, meat – these are popular items for church members to “fast” from during the 40+ days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. 

Oh wait, let me clarify – I did not give up sugar for Lent.

No, in reality, my husband and I are trying to drastically cut down on our sugar intake for health reasons.  I won’t bore you (or terrify you) with the research on how sugar negatively impacts your body. Let me just be clear that missing sugar is hard!

Sometimes, the things that are most important for us to do are also the hardest.

When I find myself most missing the taste and benefit of sugar, it is tempting to allow my mind to dwell on the pain, discomfort, and to think thoughts dangerously close to “woe is me.”

What can we do in those moments? When the hard road is stealing our thoughts, our focus, and our attention?

Remember why. Refocus those thoughts onto the reason why this hard change is happening. Refocus those thoughts onto God’s gifts that we have through the struggle. Refocus those thoughts onto what is truly valuable, good, beautiful, and important.

What are you “missing” these days? 

Written by Jessica Hayes
iHope Executive Director